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The Enlightened Master Shiva Guruji reads in your soul and reveals your soul purpose. Shiva Guruji will answers the most profound questions of your existence and self-realization. 

The Master explains: “Realization is the most important thing in the world and when realization happens, life really happens”. Shiva Guruji takes you on a journey of inner knowledge and wisdom. A transformation from the mundane egotistical aspects of life, into an authentic power and Soul Awareness. Allow your soul to gain access to the many secrets of the Universe, and to become empowered to such a point that it will become life altering.


Shiva Guruji and Shivani Himalaya are experts in the Vedic Soul Astrology and give you insights into your purpose here on Earth. They give you an understanding of your life situation and reveal new possibilities and your hidden potential to you.

They are able to enhance, alter and mitigate events in your life with their knowledge and the effective tools of Vedic Astrology to change the cirumstances. 

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