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"The role of an Enlightened Master is to make you Master of yourself, your mind & your life.“ Shiva Guruji Himalaya

In service of Humanity, the Himalayan Master Shiva Guruji selflessly shares the universal wisdom from the Himalayas. 

Trained by 21 Masters in Himalaya, Shiva Guruji was sent back to the world to contribute to humanity with the universal knowledge for the soul. 










The Himalayan Master is Shiva Dhyan Yoga Master and exponent of the Shiva Sutras & Vigyan Bhairava, Shiva Siddhant, 16 Vedic Arts including Vedic Soul Astrology and Numerology from the Himalayas and 64 Siddhis.


The Spiritual Master empowers you as a Soul Guide, Vedic Soul Astrologer, Life Transformer & Life Coach. 

Shiva Guruji is a also an Awakened Artist who expresses his soul through his energy paintings

The Spiritual Master conveys the message of SHIVA, which goes beyond an actual form: It is the existence, the nature, the breath itself including all five elements of the existence inside and outside of you: Space Horizon (Earth) Ignition (Fire) Vastness (Water) Air.

When Shiva Guruji reached Kedarnath his final Master Guru Bhagavan ShivaNath Damruwale Adinath taught him Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditations, based on Vigyan Bhairava, leading to Enlightenment, Oneness, the ultimate realization, liberation and inner experiences of bliss.

Shiva Guruji was sent back to the world by his Masters as a fountainhead of knowledge with the power to transform the divine destined human beings, who are a possibility of giving, a possibility of becoming Master themselves. Shiva Guruji loves to contribute to others and especially to those, who love to give and contribute to humanity.

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