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Shivani Himalaya (Katrin Suter) was trained by Master Shiva Guruji in the Himalayas, India and at seven mountains in Switzerland, especially at Mount Matterhorn and became Shiva Dhyan Yoga Master Teacher, Vedic Soul & Career Astrologer and Life Coach after several years of training. 

Born and grown up in Switzerland, she embarked on a year-long self-search, travelling to more than 20 countries on three continents, practicing different types of yoga and meditation, including Kriya Yoga. She learnt 7 languages and studied International Relations with specialization in Economics and Law at the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

When Shivani finally encountered Master Shiva Guruji in India, her dream to learn from a truly Enlightened Master from the Himalayas became true:

Shiva Guruji has given her back to herself. She has profoundly understood who she is and what her life purpose is. What she eventually experienced was beyond her dreams! She realized that what she had been looking for was actually already there, within her. After these life changing experiences, Shivani started to share the wisdom she had learnt from the Master. 

During the past years, Shivani Himalaya has shared Shiva Dhyan Yoga Meditations particularly in Switzerland, Paris and in New York. She could impart these impactful breath meditations to more than 1000 people at EY Paris and EY NY with numerous workshops and life transformation courses. 

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