"My experience with Art, Spirituality & God was a journey of self-search. My paintings are a way of expression of the enlightening light in me. When I am creating my paintings I am in a meditation and prayer and I feel immense bliss."
Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar


The Energy of  Bliss Ganesha gives you the power to pave away obstacles on your path to realize new projects. It provides you with wisdom and intelligence to succeed.

Painting on canvas, 60x80cm

Energy for Success & Intelligence

Bliss Shiva brings the energy of the Supreme Happiness and Enlightenment, the highest state of consciousness. 


Painting on canvas, 60x80cm

Energy of Bliss & Enlightenment

Shiva and Shakti, the feminine and masculine principle in us are one - it is a state of Oneness and total balance.

Painting on canvas, 60x80cm

Energy Shiva Shakti -Oneness 

Shiva Shakti are One. Shiva is Love, Shakti the loved One. Shiva is the sun, Shakti the sun rays.

Painting on canvas, 60x80cm 

Energy of Eternal Love 

Nataraj, the dancing Shiva symbolizes the dancing soul. This energy painting gives you the power to let your soul dance and express yourself fully. 

Painting on canvas, 50x

The Soul is a Dancer

Enlightened Shiva with multiple heads each looking into a direction and one towards the sky. It symbolizes the highest state of consciousness, Enlightenment. 

Painting on canvas, 60x80cm

Energy of Enlightenment

Shiva Abhishek gives the energy to purify and clear away the past and negativity. The four water pots represent compassion, peace, happiness & grace one receives in Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditation.

Painting on canvas, 70x50cm

Energy of Purification 

The Shakti Energy is receiving energy with the left hand and giving energy with the right hand. She is in total harmony with her inner nature and also the nature outside, symbolized with the flowers and leaves. 

She radiates energy to awaken the Kundalini energy and enhance creativity and spirituality.

Painting on canvas, 70x50cm

Energy of Shakti